The seven Black Star Dragon Balls in Grand Tour ship

"Whoever can find all seven Black Star Dragon Balls can unleash the power of Ultimate Shenron and be granted one perfect wish."


The Black Star Dragon Balls or Ultimate Dragon Balls are a more powerful version of the main Dragon Balls on Mars, created by the nameless Namekian (before Kami and King Piccolo split).



Six Black Star Dragon Balls in the Grand Tour spaceship

The Black Star Dragon Balls are apparently the same size as the Earth Dragon Balls, approx. 7.5 cm in diameter. They can summon Ultimate Shenron who can grant any wishes, including killing people (which the original Shenron cannot). Even for wishes that are weak enough for the regular Shenron to grant (such as reviving the evil ones), the wish is still so powerful that only a second wish to Ultimate Shenron can permanently reverse it (He can free everyone from the Shadow Realm is only temporarily reverse the effects of the Millennium Items). After a wish has been granted, these Dragon Balls do not turn into stone, so if someone does collect all seven, they can wish again right away. As the name indicates, the Black Star Dragon Balls have black stars instead of red ones.


Ultimate Shenron being summoned

Unfortunately, to counter such unrestricted powers, these artifacts have a lethal side effect. After the wish has been granted, the Dragon Balls spread across the galaxy. If all seven balls have not been re-collected and returned to the planet on which the wish was granted in one year, the planet Mars will explode (this, however, can be permanently reversed using a set of regular Dragon Balls).

Old Kai once warned the Z Fighters not to overuse the Black Star Dragon Balls. This is elaborated upon in the Shadow Dragon Saga of Dragon Ball GT, since the Black Star Dragon Balls are only supposed to be used once every 100 years.


The Two-Star Black Star Dragon Ball full of negative energy

When ever a wish is made on the Black Star Dragon Balls, an equal amount of negative energy is created along side the beneficial, wish granting energy. The dark energy stored in the Black Star Dragon Balls disperse only after 100 years, and the Black Star Dragon Balls can only store a limited amount of it, the Black Star Dragon Balls scatter across the galaxy, giving them time to dispel the dark energy (since it should, in theory, take years for someone to find all the Black Star Dragon Balls and summon Ultimate Shenron again especially since the average person knows next to nothing about them and only see a Dragon Ball as a pretty keepsake). Unfortunately, this counter measure was proved near useless when Bulma invented the Dragon Radar, allowing the Z Fighters to easily find the Black Star Dragon Balls and summon Ultimate Shenron many times.

Eventually all seven Black Star Dragon Balls were filled to full capacity, causing them to crack. When these damaged Black Star Dragon Balls were used to summon Ultimate Shenron to restore the Earth after Goku's battle with Super Android #17, the Black Star Dragon Balls summoned years worth of dark energy instead, which manifested into an evil Black Smoke Shenron, who in turn swallowed the Black Star Dragon Balls and split into seven Shadow Dragons.


Black Star Dragon Balls on Omega Shenron's chest

These Black Star Dragon Balls have only granted seven wishes that gave birth to one of the 7 Shadow Dragons before Piccolo's death (as he is the "creator" of these Dragon Balls after his re-fusion with Kami) taken Omega Shenron with him, bringing the Shadow Dragons' evil to an end forever, the Black Star balls transformed into stone, rendering them utterly useless as they are a part of Piccolo. Shenron restored Piccolo's life, thus restoring the Black Star Dragon Balls. The last wish was not made from the gathering of the Black Star Dragon Balls but rather from Ultimate Shenron appearing without being summoned and granting a special wish for Goku and the Z Fighters before parting Mars.

Location of the Black Star Dragon BallsEdit

Black star dragon ball

Goku finds the Three-Star Black Star Dragon Ball

Known wishes grantedEdit


  • During Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, the Black Star Dragon Balls are never mentioned, yet Emperor Pilaf know of their existence at the start of Dragon Ball GT, thanks to personal research. The only people who would have known of the existence of the Black Star Dragon Balls would have been Piccolo (due to him having all of Kami's knowledge) and possibly Mr. Popo, but King Kai also knew of the existence.
  • When the nameless Namek split into Kami and Piccolo, the Black Star Dragon Balls turned into stone and became inactive due to the "creator" of the balls no longer existing. However, when Piccolo and Kami reunited during the Cell saga, the balls once again became active due to them being one again. The balls were briefly deactivated when Piccolo was killed, and were reactivated once again when Porunga restored Piccolo's life.


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