Cascade is a planet in Sonic X. In the Japanese version, it had no name.

Cascade was once a beautiful planet. With the creation of the Tuffle Planet at the star Alpha H-Z, Cascade became a neighboring planet. However, one day the Metarex came and took the Planet Egg, causing the planet to die. A Resistance fought Pale Bay Leaf, in hope to make Cascade beautiful again. Two of the Cascade Resistance were Molly and Leon.

Later, Dr. Eggman arrived in a fight and Shadow saved Molly, causing her to believe he was the spirit of Black Wind. However, her hope vanished when Leon and several of the Resistance gave up. Molly was killed by Bay Leaf and Shadow, using the power of the White Chaos Emerald, got revenge by smashing Bay Leaf's ship.

Shadow built a grave to Molly using debris and gave Rouge the Chaos Emerald, leaving to fight the Meterax alone. Shadow was seen coming back and placing a rose on Molly's grave. Molly and Leon along with the Cascade Resistance are revived by Shenron.