The De-Atomizer is a molecular disruption weapon. H.D.S.V.A.D.L. created this device not simply as a killing tool. A target struck by the ray would be vaporized but could be re-materialized as well should the user so wish. A red switch on the device could cause the ray to create duplicates of its target, although the company was uncertain of this effect as they had not yet tested it.


After being disappointed by the failure of all the other devices he had bought from H.D.S.V.A.D.L., Dr. Robotnikstole the De-Atomizer and kidnapped Wes Weasely, forcing him to supervise Scratch and Grounder as they attempted to capture Sonic. Scratch fired the ray at Sonic after pulling the red switch, resulting in Sonic being cloned. The five Sonics attacked Scratch and Grounder by shooting them with popcorn. The Badniks fled the scene without the De-Atomizer. Weasely then used the device to reverse the cloning effect and make Sonic whole again.

A De-Atomizer was soon afterwards used as a component of the Super Stupendous Tremendous Horrendous Hedgehog-Catching Vanquisher.

The De-Atomizer was replicated and used to stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Amnesia-inator.