Eggman's Secret Weapon is one of Sonic X addition episodes and the fifth episode in the FernGully: the Last Rainforest arc.


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The Egg Dragoon

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles on the Tornado-1 are chasing Eggman on the Egg Carrier. The Tornado transforms into Battle Mode. Tails manages to destroy any missiles being fired and brings the Tornado-1 close enough to land.

Sonic spin dashed into the battleship with the alarm triggered, Eggman raged seeing our fast friend Sonic. Eggman shoots lasers beams and then he rolled a big ball at Sonic but he manged to counter it causing him to blast everywhere. Eggman raged, Sonic was rushing until Bokkun scared him. He gave Sonic a message telling him to go to the lower chamber. Eggman grabs Chocola and take the Dark Blue Chaos Emerald around his neck. Sonic causes the weasels of the Toon Patrol to literally “die of laughter” through various antics. Meanwhile, Chris and Big manage to find Froggy in a room.

Eggman very furious at Silver for trampling his schemes for years, unleashed his dreaded new machine, the Egg Wyvern. Dr. Eggman shoots a laser at Silver, he then launched it in the air which made Silver saying he was a coward. The Egg Wyvern smashing Silver with his tail hurting Silver badly. Silver somehow manged to destroy the canopy. Eggman swearing for eternal revenge. Silver dashed out leaving nothing but a broken Egg Wyvern with flames. Eggman picks up Froggy and chokes the Purple Chaos Emerald out of him. He surprises Sonic and Silver by revealing his latest creation: the new "Ultra-hyper Prototype 1," better known as the Egg Dragoon. During a battle, the battleship's engines malfunctions. After a heated battle, Sonic manages to dislodge Eggman from its cockpit and disable the Egg Dragoon's propulsion system, causing the robot to fall. Chocola and Froggy are reunited with Big and Cheese and Tails picks up the six Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and co. escape as Eggman's battleship crashes into McLeach's ranch and explodes.

Back at Mount Warning, Hexxus says the time has come and orders the lumberjacks to target FernGully by morning.


  • When Joey looks up at Vivian in the ladder, he sees her shorts under her slit skirt.
  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Greasy Weasel reaches down Jessica Rabbit's ample cleavage in search of Marvin Acme's will (and in order to cop a feel), but all he gets is his hand caught in a Bear Trap. In this episode, Greasy Weasel reaches Budgie's pocket in search of the last Chaos Emerald (and in order to cop a feel), but all he gets is his hand caught in a mouse trap.
  • Eggman chokes the Purple Chaos Emerald out of Froggy in this episode. In Sonic Adventure, Froggy opens his mouth, revealing the Yellow Chaos Emerald to Eggman.