Thomas on Rolling River Bridge

"Don't use the bridge, it's dangerous for the big engines!"


Henry and the Rolling River Bridge is one of the bonus episodes for Thomas and Friends.


During delivering a logs to the wharf, Toby finds Rolling River Bridge, an old bridge, situated down the line from the Transfer Yards and tells the Fat Controller about the bridge was very old. The Fat Controller tells the engines that the bridge will be repaired. Thomas brings the workmen to Rolling River Bridge, while Edward pulling the breakdown train.

Henry takes some tar wagons to the wharf. Duncan teases Henry by sending him on an old, disused line which he claims will lead Henry to the wharf faster. When Henry went across a bridge, Edward was quick to realise that the bridge was very old and dangerous for the big engines and it begins to collapse under Henry's weight. Luckily, Henry manages to get off the bridge, as it collapses into the deep ravine.

Henry is soon found out and banished to the shed. He's soon let out, and does his to best to redeem himself in the Yard. With the help of Rocky, Thomas, Edward, James, Emily, Harvey, Percy, Stepney, Arthur, Duck and Oliver, Henry gathers all the wreakage of Rolling River Bridge and reconstruction has begin.