Mermaid's Tear

The Mermaid's Tear

Mermaid's Tear is a beautiful pink pearl that lays in the bottom of a deep ocean crevice a few miles from Kame House. Turtle tells Krillin that if he wants to prove his love to Maron, that he should go find and bring her the Mermaid's Tear.


The Mermaid's Tear inside an oyster

When he and Gohan do find it, many fish and other sea creatures heavily guard it, so Krillin and Gohan leave it be and return to Kame House, specifically because they don't wish to kill off the fish to get it as they would be no different than the Ginyu Force with the Dragon Balls on Namek.

Rouge the Bat manages to grab a pearl and take it to New Earth, where she gave to Téa and Serenity while hunting treasures. Jeremie finds out that the Mermaid's Tear came from Earth.