Serenity and William is one of addition episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh!


Upon Téa was showing Serenity around town and remembering everything that happened during Battle City, Serenity eventually has to leave. Téa is sad at first, but Serenity tells her that it's ok and that they will always be friends. Unknown to Serenity that XANA possessed William follow her with all the Black Star Dragon Balls and asks her if she sees "Shenron". Jeremie and the gang show up. Téa states that Yugi has everything he needs to finish his journey, but Aelita changes Yugi's mind. William summons the eternal dragon Ultimate Shenron and with a pluck of her courage, Serenity wishes to restore New DOOP Headquarters, Tweenis 12, Pegasus' eye, free Bonz along with Sid and Zygor from the Shadow Realm and revive Cecelia Pegasus. The dragon grants the wish and everything that was mess up had been fixed. Téa sees the wish occur, and she sees Ultimate Shenron, but she cannot help because if Jeremie and his friends reunite everybody from their separate ways, they now will have to find all the Black Star Dragon Balls again within one year if Mars is needed to survive. The wish is granted and the dragon vanishes into the seven balls with black stars. Before they can scatter, Sonic grabs the four star ball. Sonic gives it to Chris. Serenity accepts Ulrich's offer to join the Lyoko Warriors.


  • Téa calls Odd a lazy looser for interrupting Yugi's journey in this episode. In the episode Replika, Aelita calls Odd a lazy looser for staying up all night playing games.
  • Stock footage from Revival is used during Bulla's flashback how her mother Bulma calls Shenron to revive the people Vegeta recently killed.
  • The wish made from Ultimate Shenron later spawned Naturon Shenron.