Téana is the Tuffle counterpart of Téa Gardner. She is the princess of the Tuffle race on Planet Plant.



Téana was the Tuffle princess and the daughter of the Tuffle King. The Saiyan-Tuffle war has began, the Saiyans, using their great power and brute strength, attacked the Tuffles. Although physically the Tuffles were much weaker and smaller than the Saiyans, they had advanced weaponry and technologies at their disposal. As the war waged on both the Saiyans and the Tuffles each won their fair share of battles, and for the next ten years, the horrible war waged on. As the war continued with no end in sight, something occurred that brought the conflict to a quick and violent end. When a full-moon appeared on Planet Plant, something that only happened every seven to eight years on the planet, the Saiyans transformed into Great Apes. This transformation greatly increased their power, and within a few short hours, they completely annihilated the Tuffles from the face of the planet, thus ending the war. Teana, along with her friend Jono, escaped as the Saiyans claimed the planet as their own, and it was renamed Planet Vegeta after their great leader who had led them to victory. She landed on Planet Namek, where she and Jono meet the Namekians. After learning Namekian language, Teana summoned the Namekian dragon, Porunga, and granted her wish for immortality for herself and Jono. She also granted for the Crystal Ball and the Ray Gun and the Arm cannon for Jono. Teana and Jono leave Namek for Earth to take their revenge like her father (the Tuffle king apparently used an advanced machine to combine his body and DNA with the genetic experiment known as "Baby" in order to extract vengeance for his people. Prior to his people's final eradication by the Saiyans near the end of the Saiyan-Tuffle war, Baby was launched into space to escape the planet's destruction, and the remnants of the Tuffle King along with him.) They entered suspended animation until their ship reached Earth. New Earth's people discovered the ship and taken it with Teana and Jono still in stasis pod.

New WorldEdit

Yugi, Téa, Joey, Tristan and Chris found the Tuffles in stasis pods at Prison Island.